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Dispatched thoughts - Make peace with your family

2021-04-07  Olavi Popyeinawa

Dispatched thoughts - Make peace with your family
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Family is an important aspect of life; it is only right that you get it in order like other aspects of your life; its always best to genuinely enjoy and learn more about your family. Most of us are fortunate to have a family that loves and cares for us.

As we learn more and experience life, it’s easy to forget who has always been there and never left; people who have been part of the journey – from your first arrival all the way to where you are today – the bond of the family should not be undermined. Life is a continuous cycle and your family is one of life’s few consistent.

No matter how many great friends one has, they cannot replace your family; actually, they shouldn’t even have to, but they should rather compliment your family. I believe everything about life should compliment or be built off family values – that’s something I am starting to realise now.

I always hear from my peers that they wouldn’t hesitate to cut off any family member who misbehaves or even upset them. I don’t know their whole stories, so I wouldn’t judge – but in my experience, I have found that when things got rough and tough, it was family that was by my side or behind me. While my friends have been there too, my family has provided a blanket of security and assurance that no matter what you do or where you end up, they will always be there with and for you – ironically, in both good and bad times, that is something that only a blood bond can provide.

It’s true that sometimes family or certain members of a family can be ‘unbelievable’, but you also feel most alive when immersed by your family; you can experience a wide range of emotions and feelings. We can go from hating to loving each other in 12 hours and repeat the same process the other 12 hours again. They really do push you to the edge and back – in a way they help build your character and make you a stronger person.

It’s funny how, as we get older, we tend to remember and embrace the lessons our parents spent a great amount of time trying to instil in us when we were younger, we heard what they were saying but never really understood them – or maybe, we just couldn’t comprehend what they were saying at the time.

Now, we wish they could repeat what they were saying back then because we hate to admit it but they were right – spot on, right? 

Now, we spend all day quoting them and trying to embrace what we spent half our lives trying to disregard – funny how life works out. Love your family!


- Olavi Popyeinawa

Twitter: @olavipopyeinawa


2021-04-07  Olavi Popyeinawa

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