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Dissecting the Namas 2019: Highlights

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- The Namibian Annual Music Awards is one of the biggest events in the country’s musical calendar. Entertainment now! was present at the awards which took place at the Dome in Swakopmund in the Erongo Region last weekend and dissected how the event unfolded and what stood out.

From performances in bathtubs to singing underwater, riding on horses, flying on eagles, the Namas organising committee promised stunts and they made sure the artists delivered. Here are our favourites and list favourites things about the awards, and in no particular order:

The Highs
Lize Ehlers Horse Riding entrance
The biggest winner of the night at the Dome Lize Ehlers walked away with the Best House, Best Female Artist and overall Artist of Year categories. Ehlers made a grand entrance on the night riding a black stallion named Dondolo from Swakopmund with an entourage of 30 women. “Initially there were 40 of them but only 30 turned up and it still worked as planned,” said Ehlers to Entertainment Now!

Ehlers said Odile Gertze and Paul Phedolo as the creative team approached and asked her if she was up for the horse riding challenge and she didn’t hesitate for a second. “At least I got the time to do the rehearsals a week before the awards,” revealed Ehlers.

She mentioned it was nerve-wracking at first and when Entertainment Now! queried on how she kept Dondolo calm, with all the lights, noise and many people around her, she said her instructor said the energy she sent out was reciprocal toward the horse. “All I was told is to be calm and the horse would do the same,” said Ehlers.

With #StopKillingUs #BeAHero #AmINext placards pasted on performers’ chests and many more, the message was loud and clear and the mistreatment of women in Namibia has to come to an end. It was a great performance that received a standing ovation.

Y’Cliff performing in a bathtub
This young talent upcoming RnB singer brought his song Drowning in my Feelings to life on stage by literally drowning in his feelings with a bottle of whiskey and a bathtub on stage. “That was the original concept from the video that was brought to life,” said Y’Cliff.

This was Y’Cliff’s first song that received a nomination. “It was nominated in the category for the Song of The Year - still a big deal and that will forever remain a big deal to me,” he said. Y’Cliff said even though he didn’t scoop the award, he feels proud of the work that he has put in which also motivates him to work harder. “The awards are a great platform as it recognizes excellence and it did just that and I congratulate everyone whose excellence was rewarded,” said Y’Cliff.
He said the experience was dreamlike. “It was different. Surreal. I’ve never seen something like that in the history the Namas which made it special and although the water was cold, I had to focus on conveying the message and have fun while doing it,” he told Entertainment Now!
Sally Boss Madam’s performing on an eagle
Some are calling it an owl but Sally Boss Madam performed on an eagle, hence some were asking how Sally was doing since her eagle never landed.

Many award goers expected Sally Boss Madam to perform on stage. “Guys, the eagle was never meant to take me to the stage,” she revealed on her Instagram live. Sally further said it would have been difficult and it’s a lengthy process since she had a harness on and that will take a while to take off while on the eagle. “The eagle was meant to take me down slowly, just as it happened,” she disclosed.

Staging her famous hit Net So, this was for sure an epic performance that will go down in the books of the Namas as one of the best acts.

Skrypt singing in the shower-on stage
Hip/Hop rapper sometimes crooner Skrypt scooped the Best Hip/Hop category at the Namas, his first Namas win. He stunned the audience at the Dome by performing underwater. “The water was very cold but I was lucky enough to at least have rehearsed once the previous day,” said Skrypt.

To those worried about the mic, Skrypt said it’s a waterproof mic.

He performed two songs I Got It and Clinical Barz which are lifted off his EP titled For The Wait.

Kanibal performing with Selma Moses
Kanibal performed Xamsaro by Stanley and what stood out was having sign language interpreter Selma Moses live on stage interpreting the singing.

“It was my idea bringing Selma Moses to interpret the song to our hearing-impaired brothers and sisters out there,” said Kanibal.  

The lows

Any great event will always have a glitch or two, something that happened but shouldn’t have occurred and the Namas is no exception.
Performance-wise, it is disappointing to see some technical glitches that could have been avoided like some mics that were off or lower than they should be as some singers couldn’t be heard at all. Those present at the event had access to hearing certain sounds, we can’t imagine how watching it on TV felt like.

Many people have stated that Jaleeza who performed alongside Adora and Priscilla has an amazing voice and unfortunately, that was not noticeable because of that glitch, the same goes for many other artists whose mics deserted them.

Talking about the three ladies, they paid a tribute to Brenda Fassie and her brother, Themba Fassie collected the Recognition Award on behalf of the Fassie family. It is however sad that Phura who passed away in April this year was not honoured at all at the awards while he largely contributed to the music industry of this country. But I am sure the organising committee have their reasons, but it was surprising nevertheless.

The backing vocalists and instrumentals in most performances overpowered the artists on stage. The vocal abilities of some artists were not heard because of that, it seemed like the band in the background were the main performers while their main task was to support the artist on stage.

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