• September 30th, 2020

Divundu enlists its challenges, invites developers

DIVUNDU - Divundu Village Council CEO Athanasius Maghumbo said property developers are welcome to approach his office for virgin land, as the village battles housing and accommodation challenges.
“But we don’t only want developers for housing, we also want industries, offices and shops, we have water and electricity here, our door is open to development,” Maghumbo said.

Divundu is a gateway to Sadc via Trans-Caprivi Highway and via Muhembo Borderpost to Botswana, just a few kilometres outside Divundu. People who move to Divundu on working or leisure trips, find it tough to secure accommodation at the village.

 “Accommodation is a problem in Divundu, but it’s something we want to change, thus we are currently planning to fully service 82 erven for residential at Divundu Extension 3 to accommodate people who can build houses,” Maghumbo said. Due to lack of serviced land, developers are unable to buy erven to build houses and flats to cater to the demand of the growing village, however, the CEO says developers can approach his office for a cheaper virgin land deal.

Apart from the Divundu Village Council offices, Divundu has a police station, three schools, a service station and another new service station under construction, the ministry of poverty eradication offices, a government clinic, a private clinic, a financial bank, a wholesaler, a supermarket and post office to name but a few.
Divundu has a chain of lodges in its jurisdiction and it is a walking distance to Bwabwata National.

Divundu which was proclaimed a village council in 2015 lies on the south-eastern banks of the Kavango River, along the Trans-Caprivi Highway in Mukwe Constituency, Kavango East Region, Namibia, 200 kilometres east of Rundu. Divundu has a population of around 5,430 inhabitants.

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2019-07-09 09:17:45 | 1 years ago

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