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DJ Dozza comes out of his shell

2021-04-01  Strauss Lunyangwe

DJ Dozza comes out of his shell

Music producer Mentos Goagoseb, also known as DJ Dozza,  has decided it’s time to step out from behind the boards to become an artist himself.

Speaking to VIBEZ! recently he said that he always had the drive and passion for music that’s why he decided to expand his talents.  “I felt the need to tell my story in form of music, besides the artists I have worked with hardly speak about me. People know the name but not what I’m capable of so I’m here to express myself,” he said.

Dozza will also be releasing a new single accompanied with a music video this weekend featuring Dark Vapour titled 2 Much. “I’m trying to set a trend playing with sounds. I am not afraid to try new sounds I produced this song as a fusion of Amapiano and Trap. I found it very interesting especially having to work with the very much talented female rapper Dark Vapour who adds fuel to the fire.”  

The producer has worked with well-known artists over the years including Jericho, Female Donkey and Tswazis – just to mention a few but feels his personal growth has been stunned by some industry players.“I have done so much for artists that turned their backs on me but as I see myself progress it is clear that God has been watching over me and has big plans I believe,”  he explained.

The producer/artist has been able to make a living from his talents and hopes to expand his brand going forward. “My aim is to expand my brand and put the spotlight on the next generation I want to open the door for others as well. I have a partnership agreement with D Extreme who is also an artist. I recently signed a production deal with a company in Germany that I have enjoyed working with over the years. I’m not looking back ever again and putting my energy in visuals, for now,” he ended.

DJ Dozza’s other notable achievements include producing the new HopSol Youth league soccer tv show theme song and producing Jericho’s Best Rap/Hip-Hop track in 2017.


I’m coming...DJ Dozza to stand on his own 

as an artist. 

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2021-04-01  Strauss Lunyangwe

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