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DJ Spuzza wants to see Mega eat…just not at his table

2021-09-07  Staff Reporter

DJ Spuzza wants to see Mega eat…just not at his table

Local rapper DJ Spuzza has taken to Instagram to put Mega on blast for his decisions that he now wants to backtrack on.

DJ Spuzza said he wants to make it known and clear that Mega is not back with the team and he will not be anytime soon. Well quite frankly, things are not working in Mega’s favour right now.

Firstly, I didn’t invite nobody back with the team, especially not after what happened earlier this year, and I would want to make another thing clear: I didn’t chase nobody from slaughterhouse back then when that whole eagle label stint went down. I simply decided to leave the label and for those of you who know the entire story, Mega chose that side over his brothers (slaughterhouze).

When @txngos_slaughterhouze and I left, lil homie decided to stay with the label and chose the shiny lifestyle over us who he claimed were his brothers! Mega knows exactly how big we are on loyalty and that if you decide to switch sides, you should stand on that, especially if nobody from the team gave you pressure.” 

Cos I understand where he got it all confused; that was from what happened at our last event a few weeks ago when I called him on stage to perform with us cos he showed up at the event. That went down and there was never any conversation on bringing him back to the team. Yes, my homies asked me to pardon him and bring him back and if we were gonna be cool again, it was gonna end at rubbing shoulders and nothing more than that.

Spuzza further said Mega is the one who should definitely know there are rules.

I understand that this is bigger than what went down but you know what I built slaughterhouze on, and you know what the three of us went through in these streets to make this thing come to life, but you also know what happens when rules get broken.

You know that I don’t even break my own rules ‘maak nie saak wat nie’ and that alone should’ve showed you how serious I am about our principles, and to go against that is against my character and what we stand on, which is loyalty and brotherhood above everything cos if this was just above music, I doubt slaughterhouze would’ve been this big.

I hope you take everything I taught you and use it to your greatest good.

Three days ago, Spuzza got celebrated by Top Cheri, who took to social media to show DJ Spuzza just how much he means to her. 

This follows after a fan showed love to the DJ and said he is a big artist in the North, but Top Cheri gave him more compliments countrywide.

It is a beautiful sight to see our local artists celebrating others’ successes, especially in this dog-eat-dog world. 

Spuzza is one of the country’s well-known artists and has over 40 000 Instagram followers. The rapper has collaborated with several musicians in the country and South Africa. 

* Photo: Instagram/@spuzzadj_slaughterhouze


2021-09-07  Staff Reporter

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