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DNA analysis of rape accused not ready

2024-01-16  Roland Routh

DNA analysis of rape accused not ready

The DNA analysis from swabs of two women allegedly raped by Moses Aubrey Salele in June 2020 is not yet ready, Windhoek High Court Judge Philanda Christiaan was informed yesterday.

State advocate Palmer Khumalo told Judge Christiaan that despite his insistence at the crime laboratory, the report is not yet finalised. However, the scientists conducting the analysis promised him that it would be a priority to finalise the tests, and he would have it soon. 

Salele’s lawyer, Enos Mwakondange, acceded to a final postponement for the DNA analysis. 

Christiaan granted the final remand to 5 February. 

Salele is accused of breaking into a shack in Windhoek’s Goreangab informal settlement on 5 June 2020, and raping two women. He pleaded not guilty to all charges at the start of his trial.

Mwakondange, who is appearing on instructions of the Directorate of Legal Aid, confirmed the pleas. He told the judge that his client will not provide a plea explanation, putting the onus on the State to prove every allegation against him.

It is alleged by the State that Salele and an unknown person broke into the shack of the complainants, and held them at gun and knifepoint and raped them alternatively.  It is also alleged that they robbed the victims of a cellphone. The alleged accomplice of Salele was never apprehended, and the accused denied being the culprit, or that he was in the shack with an accomplice. According to his reply to the State’s pre-trial memorandum, he will make use of an alibi defence and will call one witness, Ndamona Hijalulwa, to testify in his defence.

Salele told this reporter that he plans to sue the Ministry of Safety and Security after he is acquitted, for unlawful arrest and prosecution. 

According to the prosecution, they have positive identification from the complainants that it was Salele who violated them with the help of an accomplice.  He is facing 13 charges, including two counts of housebreaking with the intent to rape and rape, seven counts of rape, two counts of pointing a firearm, and one count of robbery.  Salele is free on bail.

2024-01-16  Roland Routh

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