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Do not undermine us… Ndeitunga warns, as new Kalahari Desert operation commences

2019-08-13  Selma Ikela

Do not undermine us… Ndeitunga warns, as new Kalahari Desert operation commences

WINDHOEK - The Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Force Sebastian Ndeitunga says officers who are part of the second phase of Kalahari Desert Crime Prevention Operation have undergone a three-day intensive induction, particularly on the conduct, roles and rules of engagement during the execution of their 

Ndeitunga officially launched Kalahari Desert crime-prevention operation phase two yesterday at the open soccer field between Greenwell Matongo, Havana and Wanaheda. The operation will cease on September 8, 2019. It is a joint operation between the Namibian Police Force, Namibia Defence Force, Namibian Correctional Service, Windhoek Municipal Service and other stakeholders.

Ndeitunga urged the public to trust that the officers will do their utmost best to serve the public with professionalism, diligent care and conscious of their human rights. 
“I also would like to request the public to desist from any acts of lawlessness, undermining of authority, obstructing officers in the execution of their duties and lack of cooperation,” stated Ndeitunga. 
He said as law enforcers, they would not tolerate unruly situation or unbecoming behaviours to prevail, thus, he  called on all peace-loving and law-abiding citizens to cooperate and respect the authority just as police would do the same towards them.

Ndeitunga also told the officers to use the intelligence optimally to influence their informed decision-making and operational policing strategies. 

“Intelligence is a part of policing culture,” emphasised Ndeitunga
Furthermore, Ndeitunga said phase one of Kalahari Desert Crime Prevention operation registered magnificent successes in combating crime and the public are appreciative of the positive impact the joint law enforcement forces have made towards the provision of safety and security, resulting in calls from the public that such joint operations with the Namibian Defence Force should continue. 

Giving a summary of notable successes of achievements recorded during phase one of Kalahari Desert Prevention Operation, Ndeitunga said 762 suspects were arrested for various crimes such as murder, attempted murder, rape, assault gender-based violence, dealing in drugs, possession of wild animal products and housebreaking and theft cases.

He said the police registered 1 234 cases of minor offenses. Among others, police issued 4 454 summonses and confiscated 1 711 dangerous weapons such as knives, screwdrivers, pangas and spears including three shotguns and 46 pistols.


2019-08-13  Selma Ikela

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