• June 5th, 2020

Donkey meat-fest: A night of wining and dining


Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek-Last Friday night saw socialites indulging themselves in eating donkey meat and drinking top-class wine at the Old Location restaurant in Windhoek West. Organised by Tao’s Kitchen, the event attracted hundreds of guests on a night filled with entertainment as well. “To me it was a great and memorable occasion since it was my first time tasting donkey meat – these kinds of events unify us as a nation of different tribes and different lifestyles,” said Peter Nyati, who attended the annual get-together for the first time. Nyati said it was nice seeing people of different tribal backgrounds enjoying a plate of food regarded as a “one tribe plate”. “In my opinion these types of events can also be used as a weapon to fight tribalism and teach us (young people) about our rich culture. I thank Tao and all organisers.” For Samuel Doeseb, it was a night of magnitude seeing different people of different cultures getting together and enjoying donkey meat. “I did not know donkey meat is this tasty,” he said. Some of the cuisineserved to guests were a donkey platter paired with Pinotage wine, slow cooked donkey served with pap and Nederburg Baronne wine, and Jacopever served with potato wedges and Greek salad, with Sauvignon Blanc wine. Another cuisine was donkey kebab served with Merlot wine. “We want to introduce donkey meat as a healthier dish to Namibian meat lovers and at the same time pronounce the importance of culture,” said Tao !Noarises, owner of Tao Kitchen. Guests were also lavishly treated to a live performance by Erna Chimu and Big Mitch with his hilarious jokes. Guests were furthermore treated to donkey chilli bites and dried sausage to taste.
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2017-09-04 10:29:47 | 2 years ago

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