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Don’t fear taking risks in business opportunities

2021-01-27  Paheja Siririka

Don’t fear taking risks in business opportunities
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Locksmith Mbaundja Muhuka (26) has said one of the biggest mistakes young people do is the fear of taking risks when business opportunities present themselves, another is giving up and not staying focused and determined.

The key fixer who owns the company Car Keys Namibia from Oshakati Open Market has urged the youth to stay focused and determined. 
“As young people, we must not fear to take risks in exploring business opportunities as risks come with opportunities, always look for a positive outcome. Let us use our youthfulness to the best of our advantages,” advised Muhuka.

Due to the lack of jobs after matriculating in 2012 and completing a certificate in IT, Muhuka had no other option but to stay with his father who owns a lock and key workshop and after gaining more experience and skills, he decided to challenge the market and explore innovation in car key trade. To date, he has employed four more people.

The Opuwo born now Oshakati based Muhuka focuses on car key cutting and coding, replacement of lost, broken and corrupted keys, repair and replacing of ignitions, doors, and safe locks, diagnose and reset, ECU programming reset, alarm and central locking installation and opening of vehicles when a key is locked inside.

“Due to the demand for car keys and modern design of new vehicles, in 2015, we decided to branch out with my cousin and learned the trade from my father Seun Muhuka at Okahao. It was our first experience and Okahao was a small town with few cars, so we moved,” said Muhuka.
They then moved to Ondangwa but a great move as it is bigger but the SMEs’ rent fees for their workshop was too high to maintain.
“In 2017, a new open market was established in Oshakati and that’s when we decided to move again, so we officially started to do programming and fixing car computer boxes. Currently, the business has grown as now I have employed four employees and expand to another branch at Outapi and soon one at Grootfontein,” envisioned Muhuka.

He said the challenge they now face, as an SME in the northern parts of the country is the lack of all necessary tools and machinery to execute their duties proficiently as they import their materials from China and South Africa.  “That will, however, not deter us from doing our job, the job we love and one that we are fully committed to,” said the energetic and soulful Muhuka.

2021-01-27  Paheja Siririka

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