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Don’t lie to the youth

2019-01-16  Staff Report 2

Don’t lie to the youth

The other day I was scrolling through social media and noticed that the next two years are election season for most countries, including Namibia. For some nations this usually spells a period of unrest and protests, while for civilians it’s another season of empty promises exchanged for votes.

Election campaigns will soon become a common thing in the nation as is tradition during these periods. Party manifestos will soon be distributed for anyone interested to see what local parties are about.  There will come a time when the colours of party’s flags will be a frequent sight around town. 

During election campaigns this season a lot will be said to the youth and about the youth. We make up the majority in the country and are most affected by issues in the country. In their pursuits of winning, and to make their rallies effective, I politely ask parties not to lie to the youth. Don’t say something or make a promise while standing on a podium and act different once you are sitting in an office. It will greatly undermine our trust in you, which is already not that much to begin with. Just don’t lie to the youth.

The youth, like everyone else in the country have their own problems and struggles, real problems and struggles that you Mr/Mrs Politician might consider ‘light’ or as something you can solve through kind words, or worse even you can exploit to help you get a seat in parliament. But to us it’s our life, our problems, our struggles, so please don’t lie to the youth.

We know you are aware of the situation on the ground to some extent. We read about you in newspapers and watch you on television – you say a lot in some instances and do little in most instances. But we still have some faith in you, faith that will be tested to its limits as we enter this election year, just don’t lie to the youth.

History has shown over the centuries that the youth are the catalyst for change and growth. They showed it again recently in DRC, and in terms of growth they showed it in Kenya, Mauritius and Rwanda’s economies. 
Somewhere deep down we all have a common dream of a better and prosperous Namibia. Work together with everyone including the youth so we can all achieve this very achievable dream.

*Olavi Popyeinawa has a diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution and is currently studying law, LLB at the University of Namibia (Unam). He will weekly contributing this column on youth mattersInstagram: niceguy_olavi Facebook: Olavi Longfellow Twitter: @OlaviPopyeinawa

2019-01-16  Staff Report 2

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