• April 1st, 2020

Dr Shilongo to head veterinary directorate

WINDHOEK- Dr Albertina Shilongo has been appointed as the head of the Directorate of Veterinary Services under the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Farmers Forum has learned.

Dr Shilongo replaces Dr Milton Masheke who resigned from that position in 2018. 

Meatco last week congratulated Dr Shilongo on her appointment as the chief veterinary officer– describing the position as a very important post both nationally and internationally.

The corporation said up until now, Dr Shilongo has done a magnificent job under difficult circumstances. 

“Her congenial personality has helped her to achieve a great deal in a bid to obtain the support of all role players to get the animal health status of the meat industry on a good footing,” Meatco said on its website.

“We, at Meatco, wish her all the best in this challenging task and she can depend on the support of all role players,” it added. 

The corporation said Dr Shilongo was very instrumental, and remains so, during Meatco’s efforts to access its new markets, namely China and the USA. Meatco, as an organisation, is proud of her achievements.
Meanwhile, Meat Board of Namibia has started the process of appointing contractors responsible for the repairs, replacement and maintenance of equipment at the Katima Mulilo Export Abattoir.

Government has granted funds for this purpose and consulting engineers of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, the Ministry of Works and Transport, the Meat Board and Meatco jointly manage this project,” Meat Board said. 

The component that is given priority attention is the cooling systems of the abattoir. 

The appointment of the Meat Board was driven by factors that include mismanagement by the previous contractor, cost cutting and the need of beef producers from the Zambezi who have not had a formal market for marketing their products for the last five years.

The aim is to start experimental slaughtering at the abattoir beginning February 2020. With the regular occurrence of foot-and-mouth disease in this region, equipment is tested to cook beef products on a consumer-acceptable basis that complies with the recommendations of the International Animal Health Organisation.

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