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Driver who killed three says he was not drunk

2018-09-13  Maria Sheya

Driver who killed three says he was not drunk

WINDHOEK - Morne Mouton, a man on trial for the death of two civilians and Windhoek City Police officer has denied allegations that he was drunk the night of the fatal incident that prematurely cut short three innocent lives.

Mouton, 23, took the stand for the first time in Windhoek Magistrate’s Court since his trial began this year. During his testimony, Mouton strongly stated that he was not drunk and did not consume any alcoholic contents that day. 
However, state witnesses testified that he smelled of alcohol and the way he spoke, were signs of someone who was under the influence of alcohol. 

Mouton is on trial for three counts of culpable homicide, driving under the influence of alcohol and reckless driving, all of which he has denied guilt. 

The charges emanate from the gruesome accident which resulted in the death of City Police officer, Manfred Gaoseb, 35, and two civilians, namely Werner Simon, 22, and Joshua Ngenokesho (age unknown). The incident took place on July 4, 2015 along Sam Nujoma Drive.

Testifying in the witness stand, Mouton explained that on the day of the incident, he and his friend were coming from his girlfriend’s house in Hochland Park. 

He testified that while driving along the Sam Nujoma Drive, out of nowhere he saw a man crossing the road.  Mouton indicated that he swayed off the road immediately. He however, could not see clearly as his vision was blurred by the lights of the vehicles that were parked on both sides of the road facing the oncoming traffic.

“I would not have swayed off the road if it was not for the man crossing the road,” noted Mouton. 
He further explained that although he cannot recall at what speed he was driving the car but he was allegedly not speeding as stated by the state witnesses.

“I had no idea that I had bumped people when I crashed into the car that was parked on the side of the road. I only noticed when I got out of the vehicle,” explained Mouton. 

According to witnesses who took the stand in the trial, have indicated that on the date in question, Windhoek City Police officers were attending to a call about a house break-in, in the vicinity of Hochland Park.

During a routine police patrol, the officers allegedly came across three unknown men standing next to a stationary taxi along Sam Nujoma Drive. The officers allegedly pulled over to question the unknown men. 

As the officers were busy interrogating the unknown men, they noticed an approaching grey VW polo vehicle that was being driven at a high speed.  According to Sergeant Queeny Flietes, the surviving victim, they were expecting the vehicle to come to a halt but it did not. 

Mouton’s car allegedly bumped into the stationary police vehicle consequently hitting and instantly killing Gaoseb and two men. A police officer who was one of the people to arrive at the scene and took the stand as one of the witness, explained that the scene was very horrific, bloody, with some body parts scattered.

Mouton’s trial is ongoing in Windhoek Magistrate’s Court with Magistrate Vanessa Stanely presiding. Defence attorney Sisa Namandje for Mouton and Rowan van Wyk prosecuting for the State. 


2018-09-13  Maria Sheya

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