• July 12th, 2020

Duinesig receives books

WALVIS BAY – The Namport Social Investment Fund (NSIF) last week donated books worth N$50 000 to Duinesig Combined School in Walvis Bay for their library.

A variety of books were delivered to entice a wide audience of learners and cultivate the reading culture in the school. There are various genres – from contemporary to basic – that accommodate the curriculum.
The principal of the school, Stanley Uri-khob, thanked the NSIF for the generous donation. He remarked that “these books will serve our library well”. He noted that the school has other pressing needs as well, such as a shortage of school desks for learners.

NSIF was established in late 2006 to position Namport as a responsible corporate citizen that is committed to making a meaningful contribution to the development and upliftment of the people of Namibia.
The fund strives to become a partner with Namport’s stakeholders and other relevant parties with a proven track record in the development and upliftment of vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in Namibia. 
NSIF has critical areas, namely education, health, entrepreneurship and community development as its main focus.

Eveline de Klerk
2020-02-26 07:33:01 | 4 months ago

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