• August 13th, 2020

Eaglenest kindergarten joins the virtual learning culture

Just like most schools across the country, Eaglenest kindergarten and after day-care school will also start with virtual learning today.
As the coronavirus pandemic continues to get more serious and schools remain closed, Eaglenest has decided to join hands with parents to continue lessons through e-learning.

Founding Director of the school, Fildah Shimhangwa said: “These are uncertain times for all school teachers and learners but we will not remain quiet because our learners are still small and they are likely to forget things we have taught them.”

According to Shimhangwa, they made arrangements with parents to collect some school activities and take them back for marking. “Most of the lessons will be conducted through videos that we will send to all parents and guardians and as the director, I will also be video calling parents on Fridays to ensure the children are on the same track,” explained Shimhangwa.

She also mentioned that parental guidance would be necessary for school activities to be done. “The lessons will be the same. We will be starting with the assembly and give them lunch breaks and engage with them daily like we normally did before the lockdown,” narrated the founder who also said that parents have daily programmes to follow every day.

Shimhangwa acknowledged that the issue of the unavailability of gadgets and access to the internet is a burden to all teachers and parents all over the country, but they ensured that parents with learners at Eaglenest can conduct e-learning classes successfully.
“Before the outbreak, we thought e-learning was never going to work for small children until we realised that it is necessary, doable and it is the only option we have at the moment,” commented Shimhangwa. 

Aletta Shikololo
2020-05-06 09:08:16 | 3 months ago

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