• November 26th, 2020

ECN coordinator wants credible vote

Steven Klukowski

KEETMANSHOOP – The coordinator of the Electoral Commission of Namibia in the //Kharas region, Augustinus Ucham, said they were doing everything possible to ensure the upcoming regional council and local authority elections are credible. 
Ucham yesterday welcomed presiding officers for the commencement of training ahead of this month’s much-anticipated elections. The elections are billed for 25 November. 

He reminded the presiding officers that all eligible voters should first be registered for the elections to be included in the voter’s roll. 
“The main purpose of such voter’s roll is first to display it for residents of a constituency to inspect and report any concerns on it to the ECN,” the regional coordinator added. 

The voter’s roll was also a basis to determine how many eligible voters may cast their votes during a given election so that ballot papers can be developed and printed accordingly. 

“This year’s elections are more home-based in the sense that regional and local leaders will now be chosen democratically as opposed to last year’s Presidential and National Assembly elections,” he said. 

The ECN official then cautioned the trainees to take good note of the current political setup, whereby political parties, associations and independent candidates will contest for regional council and local authority seats. 

“It is expected from you as presiding officers at election venues to guarantee and ensure credible, transparent, mistake-free and result-oriented elections to the electorate and the country as a whole,” he said.  Ucham continued they are obliged to furthermore manage and control election processes in accordance with strict adherence to provisions as contemplated in the Electoral Act of Namibia. 

“You (presiding officers) will be the most important persons at polling stations, as you will control all processes taking place with election officials and police officers under your supervision.” 

He also said they should approach the process with the correct attitude and mindset to achieve the desired goal, namely: mistake-free, credible, transparent, free and fair elections at the end of the day. 

“I am, however, convinced that you will deliver those things expected from you during this democratic process of elections,” he said. 
A total of 87 presiding officers will be deployed at 87 polling stations during this year’s elections whilst 16 returning officers will be in charge of the seven constituencies and nine local authorities, respectively, in the //Kharas region. 

Steven Klukowski
2020-11-11 07:05:54 | 15 days ago


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