• March 29th, 2020

Ehirovipuka embraces hydroponic fodder project

Cecilia Xavier

EHI-ROVIPUKA – The Environment Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF) in join hands with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and Green Climate Fund recently visited projects that they are funding in the Kunene region. 

Their primary reasons were to look at how the projects are being implemented and in support of climate change.

One such project is the EIF-funded Ehi-Rovipuka hydroponic fodder initiative, meant for feeding livestock.
The hydroponics system cost an estimated N$4.5 million. 
The project at the moment produces barley and feeds up to 500 cattle per day, while harvests are conducted after seven days of planting.

The project is also looking at venturing into lucerne production.
 “The fodder will be sold to the conservancy members at a reduced price, compared to people who are not members of the conservancy. With the funds from selling the fodder, the conservancy will be able to buy seeds and pay for maintenance,” chairperson of Ehi-Rovipuka conservancy Meundju Muzuma stated.
He added with this initiative the community will not depend on rain but from boreholes, which will also sustain the livestock.

 “This project came to the rescue for us because we were not using anything but relying on rainfall,” said Petrus Kaunotje.
He further said that they had nothing to feed their livestock for almost seven to 10 years due to the prolonged drought.

“We appreciate and support this hydroponic project, but we need more women who can work in gardens and uplift our community,” said Victoria Murorua. 

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2020-02-06 07:47:28 | 1 months ago

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