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Elders unfamiliar with EVMs, slow polling in Omusati

2019-11-28  Nuusita Ashipala

Elders unfamiliar with EVMs, slow polling in Omusati

ETUNDA - Although voting started on time in Omusati region, the electoral process was decelerated by elderly voters who were not familiar with the electronic voting machines.

Many voters particularly, the elderly citizen had to be assisted in the booth in order to cast their votes.
The slowness was observed by the youth at Etunda in the Ruacana constituency.
Martin Shikongo said the queue at Etunda was moving at a snail’s pace.

Similar observations were also made by a party agent at Omuvelo waKasamane border post in the Okalongo constituency. 

Simeon Ndjebela said many of the voters spent a lot of time in the voting booth.
“It is either the voters education was not grasped by everyone or some people especially the pensioners did not have access to such education,” said Ndjebela.

Amongst the centres that were visited, voters expressed content that many of the polling stations commenced on time, in exception of Onampira, which was delayed because observers and party agents were not sworn into secrecy on time.

At Omagalanga in the Oshikuku constituency where the queue was also long, voters were cheerless that some impatient people were allowed to jump the long queue.
Some voters felt disgruntled because they were at the polling station as early as 06h00. The queues at the polling stations continued to be observed until midday.

Meanwhile, party agents expressed content with the voting system.
As is the norm to ferry neighbours and friends who do not have transport, many voters especially the elders expressed that friends brought them along.

2019-11-28  Nuusita Ashipala

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