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Endjala debunks mental health stigma

2018-10-11  Nuusita Ashipala

Endjala debunks mental health stigma

OSHAKATI - After two decades of taking medication for mental illness, Oshakati resident Johannes Endjala said he has been able to contain the episodes he experienced 21 years ago and he now lives a normal life.

Endjala said he stopped taking the medication as instructed by his doctors and recently only started taking them to avoid relapsing.

He encourages other patients with the mental malady not to lose hope because mental illness is curable.
He was speaking during the commemoration of World Mental Health Day organised by the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital yesterday.

Endjala encouraged fellow mental patients not to default on their treatment.
He further encouraged them not to stop taking antidepressants, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, mood stabilising, and stimulant medications as this could adversely interfere with the prescribed treatment. “Refrain from taking alcohol and drugs.  Adhere to taking your medication as prescribed.  We should be thankful that we have a government that gives us medicine for free and gives us grants,” Endjala said.

Viginia Paulus who was also in attendance attested to the fact that she has been cured and the doctors have taken her off the medication.

“I am well now, because I took my medication as prescribed without defaulting. I encourage everyone taking their medication to adhere to their prescription,” said Paulus.

This year’s event is celebrated under the theme, ‘Young people and mental health in the changing world.’
In addition to the testimonies shared at the event, there were also plays and songs aimed to create awareness to detect mental illness in family, friends and acquaintances.

The plays and songs also further sought to highlight that mental illness is curable and that those affected can eventually lead a normal life if they adhere to their medication.

The event which was held at an open space at the Yetu Complex Centre was attended by hospital staff, political leadership and people who made a stop at the complex to do shopping.

2018-10-11  Nuusita Ashipala

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