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Energy’s DJ Twist rebrands as Twist Matos …plans to be the best DJ on air

2021-04-23  Strauss Lunyangwe

Energy’s DJ Twist rebrands as Twist Matos …plans to be the best DJ on air

After taking time off to focus on himself and his family business, DJ Twist is officially back on the airwaves.

Now known as Twist Matos, Jose Matos, is back at Energy 100 FM’s Saturday Breakfast Show. Matos graduated in radio production in 2018 at the College of the Arts and left Energy 100 FM around the same time.

“I went home to Angola to engage in the family business for a while. I managed to get a job at Radio MFm in Luanda. However, being there wasn’t giving me peace of mind so I left and focused on the family business for some time again,” he told VIBEZ! recently.

Quizzed as to why he left Energy at the time his brand had just started picking up, he confessed that he was let go because of conflicting schedules.

“I was busy with my internship at the time at the NBC newsroom, and it at times required being in the newsroom early to cover stories. However, that clashed with the breakfast show I was doing at Energy 100 FM at the time.” Matos said his dismissal made him realise the passion he had for radio, which gave him more reason

This September, he will be celebrating 10 years of being on radio.

“The 10 years will be a reflection of where I was and where I’m headed to. I was fortunate enough to have been through various radio stations. The different work environments and teams helped shape my direction. The likes of Mufaro, Tate Nawaness and Sexy Jimmy, amongst a few, made the journey worthwhile. Almost 10 years later, I’m still in love with radio.” 

Matos believes that to be a good presenter on radio, one should be passionate first and foremost and should understand the medium and power of radio. 

“One should also be creative, hardworking, innovative, fun, and a great listener.”  The bubbly personality plans to be the best in what he does and give radio his all. “My long-term goal is to one day have my own radio station and work on my brand, Twist Matos. I stopped identifying myself as DJ Twist because I’ve outgrown that phase of my life and also because I see now that there is a new DJ operating under the same name. So, I’m going to leave it at that and push the Twist Matos brand.”

Matos recently launched an initiative called ‘Munch-A-Knowledge’. 

“The idea behind Munch-A-Knowledge is to create a safe space for learners to be able to read, and/or do schoolwork in an environment that allows for it. Technology is taking over but if we don’t monitor, guide and assist the future generations, we lose the plot.” 

Munch-A-Knowledge is their corporate social responsibility project at UbuntuVibez Media.



2021-04-23  Strauss Lunyangwe

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