• December 5th, 2020

Entrepreneurs construct decontamination chamber

Curbing the spread…Namibian entrepreneur Sylvanie Beukes passes through a disinfecting chamber that he constructed together with partners, Abed Nakalenga and water specialist Sidney Beukes. The trio built the locally manufactured hands-free disinfectant chamber, which they hail as first of its kind for Namibia. The purpose of the chamber is to combat Covid-19 by addressing the issue of cross-contamination of hands, clothes, and face in public spaces. The chamber is intended for public spaces, open markets and areas of high risk of cross-contamination. Including airports, border posts, public gatherings, and prisons for visitors and staff alike. In addition, first responders to the epidemic, such as traffic officers, nurses and other professionals, can benefit from the chamber. The aim is to deploy the chamber as part of post lockdown strategies to curb the spread of Covid-19. Sylvanie noted that the chamber was built by Namibians with locally available materials and said the manufacturing process is scalable. The trio hope to get government and private sector on board to accelerate the manufacturing process ahead lifting of lockdown. 

Emmency Nuukala
2020-04-28 09:45:43 | 7 months ago

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