• October 26th, 2020

Erongo restructures its youth forum

As the National Youth Council of Namibia (NYC) commenced with the restructuring of its 121 constituencies and the 14 regional youth forums, the youth forums in Erongo region elected its leadership for the next five years in various towns.
Speaking to Youth Corner, Chairperson of the Erongo Youth forum Ernest Weather revealed the youth leadership, saying some constituencies are still busy with elections.

At the Swakopmund constituency, Stephanus Petrus was elected chairperson, deputised by Laina Ndeumane. Martha Thomas was elected at the administrative secretary, while Mabasen Naib is the treasurer.
Pearly Mafwila was elected chairperson of Omaruru constituency, deputised by Amy Tsumis. Ruusa Kavela is the secretary, followed by Innocentian Tsumis, the treasurer.

The restructuring is a constitutional obligation embedded in the National Youth Council Act.
“According to NYC Act of 2009, every year, Constituency Annual Conferences (CAC) should be convened to restructure the Constituency Youth Forums. In like manner, Regional Conferences (RC) should be convened every four years to restructure the regional youth forums,” Brian Prince, head of corporate communication and marketing at NYC said.
According to Prince, the time of restructuring these two structures has passed way back, especially the constituency youth forums but due to lack of budget to implement the process, it was delayed. 

“The elections for some regions are still in the process; however, they are expected to finish the coming weeks,” said Prince.
“Restructuring of the constituency and the regional youth forums are very political, especially the election of the regional youth forum executive committees. To this end, we brought the regional youth forum chairpersons and coordinators to Windhoek for orientation on the guidelines. They have also submitted their restructuring action plan to us,” explained the NYC Pankratius Kavura in the statement.
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Aletta Shikololo
2020-10-14 08:54:48 | 11 days ago

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