• August 18th, 2019
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Explicit social media posting rocks NDF

WINDHOEK - Minister of Defence Penda ya Ndakolo said he was not aware of an embarrassing post trending on social media involving two male members of Namibian Airforce who recorded themselves indulging in oral sex. 
The video of male members clad in uniform surfaced earlier this week on social media and it has been trending. “It’s news to me. Maybe it’s on its way,” the minister responded yesterday when asked regarding the incident and how the matter is being dealt with.

Ya Ndakolo said he was never informed about the debasing incident.  But when asked what his comment regarding the men engaging in such activity while in uniform.  “First of all, I must get information. Instead of making recommendation on something I don’t know. Everything I respond I must have all information… it is difficult to comment, “he stated.

However, Ya Ndakolo said when it comes to NDF the Act is clear when a person wearing uniform acts in unbecoming behaviour. He said the law in the military is well known by each and every solider therefore he does not want to lecture the men in uniform on what they should know.  “The (military) law will take its course. I don’t want to explain on that. Somebody who does contrary to the law especially within NDF, the law will take its course and they know if they are members of NDF.”
Defence ministry acting Head of Public Relations Lieutenant Colonel Petrus Shilumbu was apprehensive saying he will not entertain any questions from the media regarding the matter.

Selma Ikela
2019-03-14 09:57:59 5 months ago

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