• July 21st, 2019
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Farmer escapes death by a whisker


Obrein Simasiku Onalunike-Heavy rainfall accompanied by thunderstorms left elderly farmer Daniel Lungameni reeling in pain from the loss of 17 of his goats that were struck by lightning last Thursday at Onalunike village. The incident happened in the afternoon as he was herding the goats back to the kraal. Lungameni still cannot believe how he was spared because he was approximately five metres away from the flock of goats when lightning struck. “The goats were under a tree and I was not far from them – the next thing I saw, I was on the ground. When I stood up, I saw the goats lying dead, and I was powerless, my daughter had to rush to my aid,” said Lungameni, adding that he will continue farming with the remaining 42 goats. This was not the first time that Lungameni lost part of his wealth, as in 1990 two of his cattle died from lightning, while they were in the kraal. Lungameni was in the processing of skinning the goats when New Era visited his homestead on Friday morning. “We will have to consume the meat, because there is nothing we can do. If there are parts which were spoiled as the result of the lightning they will be thrown away,” said Lungameni, adding he will not sell the meat. Lungameni estimated his loss at N$11,400. The councillor of Omuthiya, Samuel Shivute, who was present, used the opportunity to caution children who herd livestock after school to always seek shelter back home when it rains, and to avoid herding animals very far from home when rain prospects look good.
New Era Reporter
2018-02-28 09:53:58 1 years ago

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