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Female teachers advised on mental transformation

2019-10-29  Obrien Simasiku

Female teachers advised on mental transformation

TSUMEB - Female teachers in Oshikoto region were over the weekend advised on mental transformation as a support mechanism to improve on their leadership, management and administrative skills. 

This took place at the launch of the Oshikoto Women in Education for Development Forum by the Oshikoto directorate of education on Saturday, which intends to provide women-to-women support in various areas. The forum also aims at creating a network for women in education, in an effort to assist and steer the communities into a positive direction in the ever-changing educational, political and socio-economic set-up. Over 100 women were in attendance. 

At the event Project Hope Namibia donated tables to five schools, and two elderly women were each given a food hamper worth N$1 000. 

“It is time that we re-focus on the outlook of our lives and start investing in us (women).  For too long we have taken up the role to invest in all and everything, but forgetting about the self.  If we want to help others and develop this brave and small nation to be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, we should have a vision for our lives. Therefore we cannot go through a single day without a purpose and a plan, thus your vision and dreams should wake you up and not the alarm clock. We should know that time does not wait for anyone, hence let us not waste our time,” advised the education director, Aletta Eises, at the launch of the forum in Tsumeb.

She urged women to arm themselves with the right tools to be relevant and keep on being relevant by engaging in developmental and educational matters. 

“We should forgive ourselves for the mistakes we made in the past and move on. Our mistakes do not define us. We can change and do better. We should not allow the negative past to keep us hostage. If we dream big, we have to work smart, have a plan and follow the plan and take hold of our dreams.”

 “Success means work and it does not come automatically. You have to be active and functional to be successful; and believe me, Oshikoto women, you can do everything you put your mind on,” she added. 
The councillor for Guinas constituency, Betty Kaula, a former teacher and school principal, said that women are forerunners in different areas of life and should thus take responsibility at different levels, adding that over the years the essence of teaching has evolved and has taken up an altogether novel form.

Kaula noted that respect for teachers, which she said had been at about 80 percent, has now gone down due to educators’ ill conduct in public places. 

“Educators are builders of the nation; therefore know that this is not a small feat, but very big. Educators form the heart and foundation of the nation. You are appreciated because without education there is no future and no nation.”

“It is challenging as you are working with people from different cultures, tribes, creed, backgrounds and languages. However, the challenge should not discourage you but steer you to make a difference,” Eises elaborated.

2019-10-29  Obrien Simasiku

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