• June 5th, 2020

Fire talk, games to teach language, culture 

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- How long can you speak your mother tongue without mixing it with English or Afrikaans? If you think you have what it takes to fluently and accurately speak Oshiwambo without mixing it with any other language, there is a challenge brewing. 

March 9 at 15:00 will be a fun-filled day where and when everyone may attend and test their knowledge of the Oshiwambo language at the Old Location, at the corner of Doctor Kuaima Riruako Street (formerly Bach Street) and Purcell Street. “You get a lot of people who cannot speak Oshiwambo properly,” says Helena Amweenye, organiser of the event. She notes that children go to the northern parts of the country to their grandparents but are unable to speak Oshiwambo fluently. “This event is open to everyone,” stresses Amweenye. 

“The money will be collected from the ticket sales and the fines for those who mix Oshiwambo with another language,” adds Amweenye, pointing out that the proceeds are for charitable causes within the community. This is the first time Oxungi is being hosted. Oxuingi means fire talk.  “We decided to continue hosting this event in the northern parts of Namibia and Walvis Bay because of the demand,” emphasises Amweenye. No one will be left out as non-Oshiwambo speakers can also attend and learn a thing or two about the Oshiwambo culture. 

The event requires participants to strictly speak Oshiwambo – if you mix it with another language, there will be a fine of N$1. It will defeat the purpose of the day if people don’t go all out. “Odelela and other traditional attire should be worn on the day,” adds Amweenye. The day will be packed with games such as Uma/Ewuma, Owela, Amagoes and Dotta.

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