• June 5th, 2020

First-ever Students Cultural Exchange Expo held at Sam Nujoma stadium

Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK - The first-ever Namibian Students Cultural Exchange Expo was held at Sam Nujoma stadium over the weekend.

The event was aimed at promoting cultural and entrepreneurship skills among students from different institutions of higher learning.

In an interview with Entertainment Now! the founder of the event Sandro Ithana explained that they aim to bring unity among students and learn from one another while at the same time having fun.
“I noticed that students from different institutions do their festivals separately and Namibia Students Cultural Exchange was the best way of bringing them together,” Ithana explained adding that, the event also accommodated unemployed graduates.

The exhibition was strictly limited to students and graduates as a way of generating income among them and reduce the high unemployment rate in the country. He said this was one way of contributing to economic growth. 

Even though the four days event was not attended by a lot of people as expected, it had interesting activities such as poetry, cultural performances, music show, game night, exhibitions and sport tournament.
 thana also explained that apart from boosting entrepreneurship among young people, they are also trying to promote culture.
Apart from traditional cuisines found here and there and few cultural performances, the event had minimal cultural exhibitions which were however exciting. 

Some of the artists that entertained the crowd are such as King Tee Dee, Eddy K, Tulisan, Dama Monique, Fishman, Bhuqaid and others.

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2019-09-16 07:45:44 | 8 months ago

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