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Fitness requires, routine and discipline

2019-03-01  Staff Report 2

Fitness requires, routine and discipline
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 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- Her name is Emily and her mission in life is to enhance the lives of her community through teaching them how to adopt a sustainable healthy practice that will help them achieve their fitness goal while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

‘’I got into fitness by chance, a cousin made a comment in passing about how I’d just end up gaining weight because that’s what the rest of the family’s fate was,” she says. Asked whether she has always been a fitness enthusiast, Kandanga points out that, “fitness was something that I grew to love, the love affair started some nine years ago and I can confidently say that stepping into this world was the best decision I made for mental, physical and spiritual health.’’ 

Fitness requires a routine but most importantly discipline. Some people start with their exercise and leave it halfway.  “I think there are too many people out there wanting to hop onto the fitness bandwagon because it looks cool to post a photo or video of you working out on your socials,” she says. The question is what happens when your followers are no longer interested in your post-gym selfies will you still get up and train? Owning a fitness company, Kandanga states that the most frequently talked about issue is “food”. “A lot of people are walking around with old ways of thinking and approaching food”, she stresses. “Some still believe that in order to achieve any of their fitness goals, especially fat loss, which they need to deprive themselves of food. Kandanga is exasperated by any cookie cutter, flat tummy tea, drink this shake and get the body of your dream’s gimmicks when it comes to getting the right body. “They are all traps and unfortunately too many people waste their time and money on them hoping for results.” On future plans, Kandanga want to go big, “We will be running our own health & fitness studio and significantly growing our sphere of impact’’, she concludes.

Sweat Fitness will be hosting a talk from their health & fitness series on Saturday, March 2 at Windhoek High School, High-Performance Centre at 10 AM. Those interested can email them at for more information.

2019-03-01  Staff Report 2

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