• June 1st, 2020

FNB beefs up web transactions with Online Secure 

Staff Reporter

WINDHOEK - FNB Namibia has introduced an additional safety measurement, called Online Secure, which requires customers to enter a One Time Pin (OTP) as confirmation that an online transaction is valid and verified by the card holder. 
“If you, for example, have purchased something online with your credit card, we wish to make 100% sure that it is you and you will be requested to enter the OTP before the transaction is approved. Once activated, your FNB card cannot be used for online purchases at participating retailers without your OTP,” says Martha Murorua, FNB Executive Officer: Consumer. 
While the world wide web offers customers the opportunity to shop whenever, wherever there are, unfortunately, always dangers associated with this and fraudsters have been known to copy card details, using them to purchase items fraudulently. “This is something which we would like to avoid and thus the card will be protected with an OTP and as long as your OTP remains secure, and your FNB card is activated for Online Secure, no one else can use your card to make online purchases at participating retailers.” 
If customers are registered for inContact, they will not have to activate Online Secure on their FNB card as this will be done automatically by FNB. Customers who are not registered for inContact can activate Online Secure on their card by logging on to their FNB Online Banking profile, and follow the prompts. “Each time you receive a new, re-issued or replacement card FNB will automatically activate Online Secure on your FNB card.”  Murorua urged FNB customers to ensure that they are always well protected. “If you are unsure as to your level of protection, please contact your personal banker and bank safe and secure, whenever, wherever.” 

Photo: Martha
Caption: Martha Murorua

Staff Reporter
2019-05-16 10:55:31 | 1 years ago

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