• May 24th, 2019
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FNB Namibia caught between rock and hard place

WINDHOEK – Namibian rugby principal sponsor FNB Namibia has issued a press release distancing itself from accusations of interference in the internal affairs of domestic rugby, adding that it has a long and proud history of supporting the development of many sporting disciplines in the country.

“Our relationship with the codes we sponsor has always been one of belief in the credibility of the vision and plans of our beneficiaries, and financial support and financial services comprise the basis of our sponsor engagement,” says Tracy Eagles, chief marketing officer of the bank. 

“Similarly, our relationship with the Sports Commission is strong and the vision of a healthy Namibian sports industry is shared and respected.” 

Recent internal issues within the rugby sports code have unfortunately diminished the excitement and pride that should be felt by Namibians with the country having qualified for World Cup 2019. 

“In the interests of the development of the sport, players and supporters, FNB Namibia encourages the urgent alignment of rugby administration to all legal premises upon which the code exists,” says Eagles. 

“Our interest is, and always will be, in supporting sound professional development opportunities for aspiring and dedicated sportsmen and sportswomen. We are committed to supporting approved structures that intend delivering to this vision.” 

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2018-10-01 10:10:00 7 months ago

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