• October 22nd, 2020

FNB Namibia maximises reward earnings

As of October 2020, FNB customers will earn even more cash back with the FNB rewards programme, said Ryno Holland-Muter, Rewards Manager at FNB Namibia. “We have adapted and changed numerous criteria to maximise the earnings of all our customers, ensuring that customers transact in line with FNB’s digital strategy.” The maximum monthly earn potential for customers in all segments has been increased, Gold account holders can earn up to N$298, while Platinum account holders can earn up to N$650, Private Clients have a potential earn of N$1175 and Private Wealth account holders can earn up to N$1 735.  To maximise their reward earnings, FNB customers are encouraged to get an FNB credit card and then to pre-fund the credit card and swipe for all purchases. Also, ensure the FNB debit card (Gold, Platinum, Private Clients, or Private Wealth) matches the FNB credit card and always use the FNB credit card when swiping for fuel. Instead of withdrawing cash, make use of the Cash@Till facility or alternatively swipe for all transactions.
FNB stated that it aims to always put its customers at the centre of all banking solutions and the changes implemented for rewards demonstrate the commitment to value-based banking, especially during these tough economic times, putting money back in the pocket of the customer. 

Staff Reporter
2020-10-08 09:46:56 | 14 days ago

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