• September 27th, 2020

FNB Namibia temporarily closes Swakopmund branch 

FNB Namibia temporarily closed its Swakopmund branch starting on Friday 19 June as a health and safety precaution to protect staff and customers from possible Covid-19 infection.  
Namibia’s Covid-19 case 39 has been identified as a close relative of an FNB Swakopmund staff member. The staff member is undergoing testing with results pending. 

To date the branch and its customers have been compliant with World Health Organisation and local Covid-19, with hands sanitised before entering the branch premises, social distancing measures, as well as strict adherence to the wearing of masks in public spaces.
However, as a proactive stance to eliminate any doubts and offer peace of mind to staff, clients, stakeholders and communities, FNB Namibia temporarily sent all Swakopmund branch staff home, closed the branch for Friday 19 and Saturday 20 June, and commissioned a full sanitisation of the branch premises over this period.  

The branch would reopen today, 22 June, fully sanitised and staffed with a new staff complement which has not been in contact with the staff member whose family member is Covid-19 positive. 
Along with the precautionary disinfecting and decontaminating the branch, all staff will be isolated in the interim, and will be tested if the affected staff member is tested positive. 

Currently, no FNB staff member has tested positive. Clients who may have been exposed to the staff member under investigation will be contacted via the Ministry of Health’s Covid-19 response team for screening questions and if necessary, thereafter, testing. 
Said Erwin Tjipuka, CEO FNB Namibia: “Staff and customer safety is paramount to us, and although no positive case has been confirmed, precautionary measures are the only current weapon we have in fighting any suspected spread of the virus. Our thoughts are with all those affected by Covid-19 impacts, our staff and their family members, our customers and their own families across the country, and especially with those who have contracted this terrible disease. Customers and staff should know that where we can help, we will, and that we are grateful for our staff and customers’ understanding and partnership during these challenging times.”  

According to an FNB Namibia statement, the financial institution was one of the firts to ensure staff and customer safety at all operating premises, strict adherence to sanitisation, mask-wearing and social distancing rules country-wide. 
FNB Namibia is a founder funder of the HOPE Fund (Health Optimisation in a Pandemic Emergency), which fund has committed more than N$10 million to date to support Namibia’s pandemic preparations. 

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2020-06-22 08:35:13 | 3 months ago

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