• December 2nd, 2020

For the Good of Sports

There is no doubt that in recent years sport has been getting a great deal of success and coverage both
on and off the field. There has been an insurgence in sport and physical activities and interests in the sporting fraternity, which can only be a good thing in a society.

At the front of this are some very important and vital players, which include our hardworking minister of
sport and the very generous corporate world that has been especially helpful and giving lately.
Maybe just as important are the talented and committed athletes that take the opportunities that they
have trained so hard for and make the best out of them. 

Either way, it’s great to feel and witness the sporting fraternity do so much right now. I remember something a coach once said on the training ground, it was something along these lines: “the skills
and principles you learn on the field are just as useful on the sports field as it is in life”.

The principles of discipline, persistence, teamwork, hard work and most desirable traits can be successfully learned and moulded on the sports field. Athletes are competitive by their very nature; it’s what draws us to them and what keeps both the spectators and athletes on edge. Am yet
to meet a lazy athlete; it just can’t work in that department.

Competitions always have winners and losers, it’s the essence of sport, you train and compete to win, otherwise, it’s done for charity and health. While the majority of the older members of society are
not very fond of supporting sport events and activities in the country, as some see them
as a form of entertainment that youth are into like other things they frown upon, they can’t deny the spirit sport elicits when game day comes! 

Sport is also one of the few events that can bring the country together. Regardless of differences and
circumstances, people will be able to bury their hatchets and unite to follow sport and their favourite teams or sport stars.

This is demonstrated every time our country participates in international competitions, as it was at the recently ended AFCON tournament. So with this new and increased interest and coverage in sports, it can
only be a positive move for the country and the fans. Hopefully, it’s not just a fad and only grows going forward bringing some optimism and positivism in these dire times.

Staff Reporter
2019-08-14 08:06:27 | 1 years ago

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