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Former circuit inspector ‘a brilliant man for all seasons’

2019-09-26  Obrien Simasiku

Former circuit inspector ‘a brilliant man for all seasons’

OMUTHIYA – Oshikoto Deputy Director of Education Vilho Shipuata has described one of the directorate’s long-serving staff members, Fillemon Nangolo, as a man for all seasons for his determination and unwavering drive to serve the education system.  

Nangolo served the education system for a marathon 29 years. He started off as a teacher, was promoted to head of department and elevated to school principal in 2001. Then in 2005 he ascended to become a circuit inspector for Omuthiya, a position he held for 14 years, until last month when he was promoted to deputy director attached to the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture in Windhoek.  Nangolo is a holder of two master degrees.

“We are blessed you are still serving the ministry hence we will continue working hand in hand. Your capabilities that you have proved through your hard work over the years have paid off. You are a brilliant man for all seasons with a great sense of humour, someone who is a pillar to lean on and learn from,” said Shipuata at a farewell event held at Ekulo on Monday.

Nangolo was summed up as an instructive leader, a motivator and policy interpreter, as well a supervisor who had the interests of both teachers and learners at heart. He is also acclaimed for improving the circuit’s performance, including establishing a circuit disability account and another development account. 
On his part, while handing over to the acting circuit inspector Tangeni Uushona, Nangolo informed the attendees that the accounts were left with N$5 915 and N$34 266.

“On that note I would like to inform the teachers and principals that they should not mix education with politics. If you want to be a politician leave teaching and focus on it fulltime, as it is you who are creating confusion in schools where there are learners, including their parents who belong to different political parties,” warned Nangolo, saying politics in school is toxic.

He urged school principals to vigorously implement policies to improve their academic results and avoid dodging under the pretence of meetings at cluster or circuit level.

“Do not forget that you are instructors of leaders and the catalyst of change among the learners,” he told a packed hall also attended by his wife, mother and teachers.
The directorate also bade farewell to its former principals Helvy Ashipala and Armas Shipanga who have both retired from teaching.

2019-09-26  Obrien Simasiku

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