• August 4th, 2020

Fresh FM takes the flak after distasteful post

WINDHOEK-Social media was set abuzz on Sunday after one off Fresh FM DJ's posted a picture with the caption ‘One gotta go including all the music they ever dropped’.
The picture had local female artist OC Bulan, Female Donkey ‘Femalo’, Jaliza and Adora pitted against each other.

The post drew strong criticism from fans questioning why the popular radio station would want divide and cause a rift between the artists.

Adora was quick to react to the post by saying that she was heartbroken, disappointed and did not have any words to the post. She later addressed the post by saying this is what causes division. 

“This ain’t right! Just reading the meme made me sick to my stomach. We work so damn hard to give you the best to our potential and whether you like it or not, we hope to inspire at least one person out there. I’ve suffered the pressures of being from the minority but I ain’t giving up. Cyberbullying has become a part of the lives of many of us, maar ek sal nie opgee nie. Fresh FM, lemme just ask you this, how much of our music do you even play? And I mean all 4 of us! I’m disappointed” the statement read.

In return, Fresh FM responded to Adora via their page that they believe the supposed issue has been blown out of proportion. The station subsequently felt their intention was not to cause anything but to conversate about realities. The reality, in this case, is the four of them, Adora, OC Bulan, Jaliza and Femalo, who are trending on Fresh FM. “The four of you are trending for a reason.” 

The response went on to read:
“We apologise that the post made you sick to your stomach. That was never the intention. However, you need to understand that you are a public figure. People love you. People listen to us. Ours is to merge the two worlds. To get people who love you but also listen to you…talk about you and your work on our platform. It’s basic radio 101.”

Speaking to Entertainment Now! Acting Station Manager, Kaycee Butshe, said Fresh FM did realise that the post may have been construed negatively by some and, therefore, apologised and took remedial action by removing the post from social media.

“The spirit was to showcase how far local female artists have come and how competitive the industry is. This meant should it come down to one artist who would this be? This would have then stimulated debate for and against any of the listed artists,” he said.

Butshe further said Fresh FM remains committed to promoting local artists, and providing a platform for them to showcase their diverse talents. “Fresh F[M] regrets that this particular post didn’t reflect that, as we would have wished,” he ended.

Another artist, who joined the fray on social media is RnB crooner, Betholdt Mbinda, who felt that Fresh FM has diluted period. 

“That’s not just division maar eintlik, who died and suddenly made y’all Gate-Keepers and while we’re on the same issue stick to your day jobs and career and stop mingling in ours... just play the music,” he said.

Loide Jason
2019-10-25 09:23:58 | 9 months ago

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