• September 29th, 2020

From backup dancers to music giants

Namibian artists who started as backup dancers and are now headlining the music industry

Dj Shoza 
Dj Shoza, real name Sam Shiimi is more famously known to start as a backup dancer for multi-award-winning artist Gazza for over a decade and climbed his way to being a DJ and producer under the Gazza Music Production (GMP) record label. He released his 1st album ‘Levitate’ last week. 
‘“I feel like I have been levitating in my life, from a backup dancer to back up vocalist and DJ. Now I am an artist on my own, I have my own project, my own album out. So if not levitate then what can it be and that’s why I chose that title. Because I have been levitating in my life. And by the way, I am still levitating,” he told Entertainment Now!

Chester began his music career in 2018 after serving 15 years as a backup dancer for Award-winning artist, King Tee Dee. The ‘Sabi’ hitmaker parted ways with the Mshasho record label earlier this year. He recently released an EP titled ‘LE’VIBE’ and on a mission of growing his brand ‘Sweet gang’. Talking about his music business, Chester told Entertainment Now! “As an artist, I am currently affected by the pandemic because there are no shows but I am not struggling as I have other means of income.”

King Elegant
Fast-growing Afropop and dancehall singer, King Elegant has been a backup dancer for local artists, Mushe for a couple of years until 2016 when he joined the music scene. He released his first album last year ‘The optimist’. ‘’The music business is not easy. A lot of things have changed. Am turning up with Racio media and Rough beatz for something exclusive. Fans should be on the lookout,’’ he promised.

Ongwediva-based Afro-pop and kwaito trio, Amazonkies, started as dancers in 2010. They spent close to three years dancing at shows and in music videos and in 2013, they joined the industry. They so far have two albums and currently working on their clothing line. During these hard times, the Amazonkies told Entertainment Now! that they are currently making some income from the sales of their clothing brand.

Manxebe popularly known for his Vuuma concept was Hikwa artist, Sunny Boy’s back up dancer for three years and it was then that he got interested in music and started following his dream. He got a special recognition this year for his unique style of kwaito and he is on the journey of becoming a household name. Even though the music business is quite limping for the 20-year-old artist, he still has hope and believes the pandemic will come to an end and business will continue. 
– ashikololo@nepc.com.na

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