• July 9th, 2020

From car boot to boutique …Robyn Nakaambo’s anecdote to success

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - She is a public relations officer, an MC, businesswoman, TV host, these are some
of the notable works Robyn Nakaambo has been associated with over the years. She says success is a journey, not a destination and urges fellow Namibians, especially the youth to work relentlessly towards reaching their goals.

As an all-rounder and versatile being, Nakaambo has been a master of ceremonies (MC) at different events, she was awarded the best Television Personality at the Simply You Magazine Lifestyle & Fashion Awards 2018, received an accolade as one of the Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) Global top 100 under 40 in recognition of her achievement in media and culture and opening her own
Superlative Hair Boutique.

Asked what made her start a business, she said it was not an overnight endeavour. “I had a great opportunity given to me by my aunt, Menethe Nikodemus, who saw my drive and passion for business as I always maintained that one day when I grow up I’d be a businesswoman and thought it would be
a great idea to share her suppliers’ details as she was in that industry. Since then, I graduated from selling from the boot of my car to owning the boutique,” narrated Nakaambo.

Apart from her 08h00-17h00 full-time job, Nakaambo is in the hair and beauty industry. “I aim to create a beauty brand where women from all walks of life trust to enhance their God-given beauty,” she explains.
So far, Nakaambo employs one person to oversee the administration of the business and with time - as the business expands – she plans on recruiting more people. “The hair business in Namibia is quite saturated and creating a brand that offers what is already being offered in abundance needed
me to set my brand apart through stellar branding,” she said.

Nakaambo emphasised the need for extensive marketing and relentlessly working towards delivering great service. The shop is set up in a way new to the Namibian market with a minimalistic yet elegant approach.
She said she values self-motivation and it has been part of where she is today. “I’m a driven and self-motivated person by nature who always strives to be a better version of myself.

I keep my momentum by always looking towards the end goal and work relentlessly towards that,” said Nakaambo. She celebrates every achievement, no matter how small and believes one needs to create a culture of celebrating themselves.

Nakaambo often asks for advice when she needs it, and takes constructive criticism and failures as lessons. Nakaambo’s cautionary is to look out for naysayers (a person who criticises, objects or opposes something). “I highly recommend you to focus on putting your best foot forward towards achieving your set goals. Your purpose in life is not to fight off people at war with themselves and always
remember that what negative people say about you is none of your business. Failure will arise but that should not define you. When it does, remember why you started in the first place. Dust yourself off and get back up. Humble yourself and accord everyone respect, as you don’t know when you might
need them,” she said.

The former radio presenter, who has no intention of getting back on radio, said Namibian youths should be careful not to compete with anyone or harbour feelings of envy towards people. “You don’t know what they had to endure to get where they are. Another thing is, always remember that the friendsyou keep are a reflection of who you are, if they are not growing, you should rethink your circle,” she hinted.

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