• July 4th, 2020

From radio presenter to station manager - Desre Esme Christiaan

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK – Everyone has a tale to tell – the started from the bottom now we are here type of tale and Desre Esme Christiaan is no exception.

 The radio head who started her career in 2006 is now one of the youngest station managers at Kaisames FM, initially known as NBC’s Damara/Nama Radio. 

Christiaan excitedly says of her new role: “It honestly hasn’t sunk in yet, but for what it’s worth, it’s overwhelming but it’s equally a challenge that I’m looking forward to.”
With qualifications in media arts technology from the College of the Arts and a degree in journalism from Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust), majoring in public relations, Christiaan is passionate about radio. 

She started in 2006, straight from the College of the Arts as a freelancer on a popular programme called #khamkhoen ||khoab. Christiaan was appointed permanently in 2009, worked her way up and became a studio producer, media planner and now station manager.

 As a young 32-year-old female professional, now in a leadership position and having to work with the older generation who don’t take orders from young leaders lightly, Christiaan said fortunately for her, the current team she has consists of 80 percent equally young people. They understand the dynamics of broadcast journalism. Over the years she has built strong relations with them and although it will not be easy to lead former peers, they have supported her so far and that has given her the confidence that they will be a great team.

She candidly said as a woman in the radio industry, she doesn’t see any obstacles. “I would be lying if I say there are obstacles for women in the radio industry or the media industry as a whole in Namibia… there are so many female radio personalities out there thriving, so an occasional sexist comment here or there doesn’t suffice as an obstacle,” she said.

As for the leadership aspect, Christiaan says it all boils down to vision. The very essence of leadership is a vision, which she has for Kaisames FM, so that with a plan, implementation and talent, which her current team has, Kaisames FM will thrive under her leadership.

In her new role as far as the branding is concerned which started with the name change, Christiaan said it’s inevitable. “Slowly but surely Kaisames FM will reinvent itself and prepare for the digital age. You will just have to tune in,” she informed Youth Corner. 

On whether Namibians listen to the radio, Christiaan affirmed that people still listen to the radio. It’s the original social media although it competes with other media outlets and challenges to deliver appealing news. Radio is still relevant and persuasive despite existing new media. Most people if not all have access to a radio and with an over 90 percent coverage of the NBC. 

Christiaan advised young Namibians to do something they love. “You are naturally going to succeed in it, and organise your life around your passion, because you can turn your passion into your story and your story into something that matters,” she concluded.

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