• September 24th, 2020

#FromTheJump, a conversation between creatives

#FromTheJump is a look at “behind-the-curtain” conversations between creatives from different art forms and disciplines to highlight some of the struggles, lessons and sacrifices creatives endure on their journeys towards their dreams and destinies.
While other musicians are hosting live shows on Instagram and Facebook, Nikolai Tjongarero (33), popularly known as OKIN from Black Vulcanite has been busy hosting shows via Zoom.
“The idea for #FromTheJump came to me while I was sitting in Hoodlum Studios, the recording studio I got to set up and started using in 2018. The thought of interviewing creatives around the world I have personally known over the years just came to me like something I had forgotten to do.

So I decided to call OneSlashSix, a Namibian-born rapper based in Melbourne, Australia to see what he has been up to and what he thought of the idea, ” said OKIN.
They ended up having an hour-long conversation where OneSlashSix made OKIN a promise to run with it.
OKIN said: “Since I saw everyone was doing ‘Instagram Live’ sessions and didn’t want to follow the crowd but still wanted to keep it to the Instagram platform for Season/Chapter 1. I did some more research and decided to use Zoom, because it is almost limitless meeting time during the lockdown period. I recorded all the interviews in and its integrated recording capabilities, which worked well with what I needed for the show.”
OKIN said the discussions held on the platform are broad and inclusive of anybody from the industry.
“We discuss everything from aspirations in their respective fields and mine. I am eager to find out what they believe in and the most important aspects for those looking to get into those fields.

With the sessions, I want to know how they are coping with making money during this new reality of Covid-19, as well as missed opportunities and so forth,” announced OKIN.
Chapter one of the sessions have so far hosted six creatives, including OneSlashSix “an original member of Illzilla and winner of the Hilltop Hoods Initiative 2010 (Australia)” was the first episode.
OKIN has always been busy during the pandemic he explained. “Covid-19 has forced those like myself who are creative entrepreneurs to take a long look at the sustainability of our current models and then make adjustments where necessary. I am busy learning new things around edit which kind of takes time to craft while also researching and writing new proposals for other initiatives that are centred on more nationalistic issues.

Paheja Siririka
2020-06-19 18:24:41 | 3 months ago

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