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Fudge lovers spoilt rotten by Fudge Indulge

2021-10-01  Staff Reporter

Fudge lovers spoilt rotten by Fudge Indulge
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  Emilie Shimbali


Criszelda Heyman is so passionate about making fudge, she turned it into a business called Fudge Indulge. 

For those who are not in the know, fudge is a type of sugar candy that is made by mixing sugar, butter and milk; heating it to the soft-ball stage at 115°C, and then beating the mixture while it cools so that it acquires a smooth, creamy consistency. Although it forms crystals, it should be smooth on the tongue. 

Apart from the original flavour, Fudge Indulge also offers white chocolate, brown chocolate, peanut, Amarula liquor and lemon fudge flavours.

“I love seeing people eat my fudge and enjoy it whether it is a snack at work, home, somewhere at an event or a gift to a loved one,” Heyman tells VIBEZ! 

She said fudge making is tricky and she strives to continuously create fudge with that same smooth texture and creamy consistency, and it challenges her to keep on improving her fudge-making skills.

Heyman plans to expand Fudge Indulge by catering to more customers to meet all their expectations and demands, and to supply and distribute to more supermarkets, and most importantly “to be a branded trusted quality product that everyone will love and enjoy”.

Her love for fudge brought her to become Sugar King’s first brand ambassador for its Fudge Project, which is aimed to teach small business owners how to make fudge by providing training and raising awareness about the business opportunities associated with fudge making.

About her new partnership with Sugar King, she said: “I am very passionate about this product which is manufactured in our country. I really want our company to grow and provide more opportunities for young people, as well as increase demand for Fudge and Sugar King. I am excited about the new road ahead”.

Selma Magongo, corporate brand manager for Namib Mills under which Sugar King falls, said the ambassador’s role entails assisting the project in recruiting more fudge ambassadors, not only because Sugar King can supply the key ingredient, sugar, but also because it opens doors for small business owners to expand their product lines.

The project will run indefinitely, and anyone can become an ambassador.

To qualify, one will need to complete a voucher card after purchasing a total of 50kg Sugar King at any store and then redeem a starter kit, but that is if you are already in the fudge business. Beginners will receive training first before receiving a kit.

The kit comes with an eight-litre pot, baking tray, cutting knife, six litres of milk, 10kg Sugar King, brick margarine, vanilla essence, salt, and a wooden spoon, which is worth N$700 in total.


2021-10-01  Staff Reporter

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