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Gangster-style executioner accused wants bail

2019-10-29  Maria Amakali

Gangster-style executioner accused wants bail

WINDHOEK - A 40-year-old Yemen national currently in police custody on suspicion he carried out a gangster-style execution of Malian national Gamby Baya in 2016 in Kleine Kuppe wants the court to release him on bail.

Murad Esmail Ali Al-Hersh, 40, has been in police custody since his arrest in August 2016 for the death of Baya.

Al-Hersh faces a charge of murder, robbery and defeating or obstructing the course of justice.  The prosecution alleges that the accused on 1 August 2016 intentionally and unlawfully killed Baya in the vicinity of Kleine Kuppe.

During his appearance in the Windhoek Regional Court before magistrate Ileni Velikoshi, his defence attorney Sisa Namandje informed the court they wished to apply for bail.

The state has been opposed to him being released on bail on grounds that he may abscond since he has no fixed assets in the country.

Al-Hersh has been under the watchful eye of the Namibian Reserve Force after allegations that he attempted to flee from lawful custody in September 2018. 

The prosecution is alleging that the accused gunned down Maya as result of unlawful money dealings that turned sour. It is alleged that the deceased could not account for US$150 000 (N$2,1 million) of  US$500 000 (N$7,3 million) which  resulted in his execution. 

According to the charge sheet, Al-Hersh unlawfully and with intent killed Maya at an open space in Kleine Kuppe on the date in question.

Police reports indicate that Maya was discovered with a gunshot between his eyes. The reports further indicated that Maya was shot in the head while he was seated in his green Hyundai Elantra 2014 model car. The car was found abandoned at an Olympia residential area.

During his arrest, Al-Hersh was found in possession of more than N$70 000, which the police could not link to the stolen money.  
Al-Hersh is expected to appear in court on 21 November to get the date for the bail hearing. 

2019-10-29  Maria Amakali

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