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Geingob calls for Walvis recapture

2020-11-09  Eveline de Klerk

Geingob calls for Walvis recapture

WALVIS BAY – President Hage Geingob has galvanised Swapo supporters to reclaim the Walvis Bay Urban constituency in the upcoming regional and local authority elections, while refuting accusations that the ruling party is corrupt.  
The Swapo President yesterday ordered the party, including candidates for the regional and local authority elections, to reclaim the Walvis Bay Urban constituency and go serve the people.

Geingob was addressing party members and candidates at the harbour town during a political rally held at the Kuisebmond Soccer Stadium.  
Geingob, who was 
addressing a fully packed stadium, said Swapo is a tested party, although people do not want to hear the party has the capacity to deliver.
The ruling party lost the Walvis Bay Urban constituency in the Erongo region to independent candidate Knowledge Ipinge earlier in January. The position became vacant after former councillor Hafeni Ndemula was appointed as deputy minister of labour, industrialisation and employment creation.

“You cannot give your house to just anyone to come and experiment, and it would certainly be a lie to say that we did not deliver in 30 years. Even those who are saying Namibia was better off under the apartheid’s regime know that they are lying and it’s an insult.  Thus, you should reclaim the Walvis Bay Urban constituency and serve your bosses, the people who will elect you,” President Geingob said.
According to Geingob, the government under Swapo has delivered a lot; however, Namibians and the electorate want more. He said people used to fetch water and collect wood by walking long distance; however, under the Swapo government, water and electricity are within a two-kilometre radius for Namibians.

“The electorate, however, said we are too slow and did not deliver in certain areas. They are saying that we gave them our manifesto and they voted but we did not fulfil the manifest. Hence, saying Namibia was better under the apartheid regime is an insult to government and its people. We just have to do more and better,” Geingob explained.
He then reminded the party candidates not to be seen only during election time or during presidential visits, as they are becoming servants and should be in touch with the electorate.

“Become a servant, not a boss. You will be there to lead as a servant and give direction.  I know you are going to make it. Deliver to the bosses. I demand that you go back and take over all the seats and govern, and serve the people of Walvis Bay,” said the Swapo party President.

Geingob also refuted accusations that the ruling party is tribal.
“Some are saying Swapo is tribal but here I am as your president. In Swapo, we believe that all of us are Namibians – unlike if you look at the structures of all the other parties,” he said. 

On corruption, Geingob said people should not be misled by ongoing speculation that Swapo is corrupt.  
“Yes, corruption is not denied but Swapo as a party is not named in the fishrot saga. It’s individuals who are currently in jail who are implicated in the corruption. Don’t believe this exaggeration that Namibia is the most corrupt country. 
“So let’s not paint the picture that the government of Swapo is corrupt. Therefore, we are not hiding anything. Let us rather be proud of our country and carry a positive message of our country forward,” Geingob said. -


2020-11-09  Eveline de Klerk

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