• August 3rd, 2020

Geingob warns against tribalism, calls for unity

WINDHOEK – President Hage Geingob, addressing hundreds of Swapo supporters during the celebration of the party’s 59th anniversary at Katima Mulilo, advised the country’s citizens against tribalism which he described as “worrying and of great concern”.

The ruling party Swapo on Saturday belatedly commemorated its 59th birthday at Katima Mulilo Sport Complex. Swapo was born on April 19, 1960. The event was attented most notably by former president and founding father Sam Nujoma and traditional leaders in the region. 

Addressing the crowd, Geingob who is also the Swapo Party president, said the country is now faced with new challenges that only Swapo can solve. He called for unity amongst Namibians and urged the country’s citizens to march on as one nation.

He said this is why he championed the new narrative such as the Namibian House, Harambee, no Namibian must feel left out, one Namibia, one nation.

“This new narrative connotes unity. As committed and patriotic cadres, we should ensure that Swapo lives up to its motto of a united and hardworking rank and file,” he stressed.

Geingob says only through remaining united will Namibians emerge victorious in the second phase of the struggle, which concerns economic emancipation.
“I am confident that if we hold hands we will continue to make gains in our quest for socio-economic transformation of the Namibian people and bring about a more unified, just and prosperous society,” he told the gathering.

Geingob said the second-phase of the struggle requires the same united approach that was present during the liberation struggle.

“Through Swapo, we were able to defeat the enemy as a united people. We are therefore here to celebrate a history of unity, a history of struggle and a history of victory,” he told the crowd.
Geingob said the struggle for freedom was long and bitter, resulting in a huge loss of human lives. 

“But heroes and heroines paid the ultimate price ensuring that the dark clouds of oppression would give way to the radiant light of freedom,” he said. 

He said Swapo united all Namibians, cultivating a spirit of patriotism and nationalism. 
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