• October 1st, 2020

GIPF calls for proof of enrolment

Annually the Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) supports children annuitants (a child of a deceased GIPF member) by providing financial assistance towards their studies. Between January 2019 to December 2019, GIPF paid out about N$48 million to children annuitants between the ages of 18 to 25 years.

“GIPF is committed to delivering the highest quality services and ensuring that annuitants receive the benefits owed to them. Thus, it is imperative that children annuitants, who are full-time learners/students and are between the ages of 18 and 25 years, submit their proof of enrolment in a form of a formal letter from their respective schools and or tertiary institutions. This letter must be submitted to the nearest GIPF office timeously to avoid any delays in processing their benefits,” said Venessa Kangueehi, Manager: Benefits Processing. 

She added that only authorised signatories such as the Principal, Faculty Officer, Director, Branch Coordinator and or the Deputy Head of Department or anyone acting in that capacity, are allowed to sign the school letters. 

“If a learner/student takes a break in his/her studies due to any unforeseen circumstances before he/she turns 25 years old, their benefits will be suspended until proof of enrolment for studies is submitted,” Kangueehi explained. 

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2020-02-20 08:40:35 | 7 months ago

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