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Giving hope to Namibian learners

2022-03-09  Paheja Siririka

Giving hope to Namibian learners

Among the reasons learners drop out of school is lack of uniforms, bags, sanitary pads and shoes, but this is something Elia Nghitoolwa is slowly changing in efforts to keep them in school.

He recently completed another school uniform donation project in Rundu, where 60 learners of the Alois Ashipala Primary School benefited from the ‘Love and Give Foundation’, through which he donated school uniforms valued at N$10 100.

“The mission is to reach 100 schools. I am done with four; 96 left. The focus is on helping learners who are struggling with uniforms, shoes, school bags, sanitary pads, as well as linking abused and traumatised children to psycho-social services,” explained Nghitoolwa.

He told Youth Corner that he procures these items from personal savings and income from washing cars at home on his days off.

 A total of 371 learners from four schools have benefited from the foundation so far.

The 32-year-old humanitarian randomly chooses needy learners from around the country.

“What I have been doing is choosing regions, and going to observe learners at schools from a distance. After that, I would write the names of the schools on a piece of paper and do a draw.” 

Nghitoolwa, who works at Rössing Uranium, added that he then consults school principals since they know the learners better, and they are the ones who may recommend what learners usually need, and which of them need more help. 

Schools he has aided thus far are the Onanyalala Primary School (PS) in Omusati, Okongue and Otjohorongo primary schools in Erongo, and the Alois Ashipala PS in the Kavango East region.

“The reason why I chose Onanyalala PS is that a friend who teaches there told me about the hardships some learners face after I notified him about my project. The teacher went back to the school after the first holidays and assessed the needs of the learners, identifying the need for schoolbags since the majority of them carry books in plastic bags,” he informed Youth Corner during an earlier interview in 2019.

Nghitoolwa, who only has a matric certificate, said the next donation is taking place at Opuwo in the mighty Kunene next month. 

He said the main reason for starting and continuing with such an assignment is to instil a sense of seriousness in the young learners.

Nghitoolwa reflected: “I did not take my education earnestly. I want to be that ray of hope because growing up, whenever a school trouser was about to tear, our folks would either sew it or buy us a brand new one. But nowadays, it is different”.

He believes that it is important for young people to assemble and aid those in need.  -

2022-03-09  Paheja Siririka

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