• January 25th, 2020

Global Youth Initiative in Namibia launches this Friday

WINDHOEK - Genade Business Solutions cc, a faith-based company in Namibia, in partnership with Knowledge is Your Key Academy (KiYK), a John Maxwell Certified Team based in South Africa is officially launching the John Maxwell Global Youth Initiative in Namibia on Friday in Warmbad, which is billed the  “Glamour Event of the Year for the Youth in Namibia”. 

Global Youth Initiative comes to Namibia at a most needed time to provide the guidance, resources and support needed to groom young adults applying globally tried and tested working standards. Youth who attend these events are equipped, inspired and empowered to have a positive self-image, respect themselves and others, be a positive influence, and move forward toward success. The events are open to all children and youth groups, aged 8-18. Since 2017, John Maxwell team members have hosted over 500,000 youth all over the world at nearly 2,000 events in over 52 countries. This programme has become a pacesetter in a trend that has seen several countries set clear leadership vision and goals for sustainable economic and social development and growth. 

John Maxwell Youth Leadership stands for:

To change the world by inspiring and equipping young people to lead themselves and others with character, mutual respect and integrity.

Create a better world by developing a global John Maxwell Team platform that empowers youth with leadership skills, personal character development, a positive self-image and a desire for unity.

Identify and resource John Maxwell team members to positively influence the lives of young people worldwide using the YouthMAX youth leadership curriculum, communicate John Maxwell’s leadership principles and the value of the John Maxwell team to millions of people around the world. 

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