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Gritty artisan and mother

2022-07-27  Staff Reporter

Gritty artisan and mother

Kaluschka Anthea Coetzee is a 25-year self-taught craftswoman from Tsumeb.

She is also a single mother to a two-year-old son, whom she loves, fights and lives for.

Coetzee started making earrings this year to get by and support her child and herself.

She obtained her skills through watching YouTube tutorials. 

After learning what tools she needed and how she would have to go about making the earrings, she acquired materials from China Town and then started practising. 

“I became better by making earrings every single day – learning,” she told Youth Corner.

Regarding the inspiration behind her designs, she said: “I’m inspired by my surroundings and people I grew up looking up to, who took part in this particular art and craftsmanship”.

The artisan makes her sales by walking door-to-door in Windhoek. 

“Some days I get customers; some days I don’t,” she said. 

But regardless of the setbacks, she does not despair.  

“People were complaining it’s too expensive, but I just hustle and I hustle,” she said, adding that some buy and encourage her to keep doing it.

Coetzee is challenged by bad debts, which she says she will persistently continue trying to recover.

To maximise her streams of income, Coetzee says she also does housework on a freelancing basis.

While looking for a full-time job that pays better, Coetzee wishes to improve on making earrings and hopes to grow in her business.

She can be reached on 081 437 4685.


2022-07-27  Staff Reporter

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