• January 25th, 2020

Growing the real authentic you

There has never been a right or wrong way to grow into the real authentic you. Some prefer self-help books written by billionaires who inspire them to become wealthy, others have mind over matter philosophies that cultivate their reaction to every day life. Then there’s me, who is simply so captivated by self-reflection which is where I find my true love. 

The journey of becoming has been one that I took to, over eight years ago. It started with developing my own blogging website in the hopes that I can jot down my inner most thoughts and sieve through the maize of self. That soon became the most fundamental part of who I am, writing. Writing about self-love, self-determination and self-betterment.
Self-love has over the past decade become a centre piece topic that has researchers finding its relation to everyday life challenges, from self-esteem, to emotional intelligence and anxiety disorders. It is a topic that is widely dismissed on the basis that it is emotional. Yet, emotions are the one thing that dictates everyday life. Decisions are made based on emotions 90% of the time, research shows. 

Is self-love important? The answer is yes. Simply because it is important for oneself to enjoy the process of discovering who you are and loving who you find yourself to be. However, to love yourself, you must first understand who you are and accept the flaws and perfections you find buried beneath the layers. 

I find that the human biology is inclined to dismiss anything that requires us to put in the work to become a better version of ourselves. We prefer to remain in the complacency of self and shield ourselves by echoing the sentiments that, “that’s just who I am.” However, have you ever considered what lies on the other side of self-discovery and honesty? There lies a well of wisdom that allows you to live a fuller, richer life. A life that you dictate, a life in which you make the rules and are no longer governed by toxic habits and character traits that you have allowed to fester. 

A journey of self-love and self-discovery will always work to your benefit, it simply requires you to be open to it, because it is in learning who you are that you can truly love yourself. 
From one Powerhouse to another
Love Mavis

*Mavis Braga  is a social and psychological blogger and would be writing this column every Wednesday. 

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