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Growing up without a father did not stop him to be successful

2018-09-26  Pinehas Nakaziko

Growing up without a father did not stop him to be successful
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WINDHOEK – He lost his father while barely three months old, something he has not gotten over to this day, Simon Namesho says he has never gotten over growing up without the love and support of his father.

“I was told that my father died when a South African army truck (Casspir) ploughed into a mini-bus he was driving. It was reported then that the driver of the truck might have been under the influence of alcohol, costing nine people to lose their lives on that fateful day,” says Namesho, who grew up in Omainda village in the Omuthiya town of Oshikoto Region. Facing many obstacles in life, nevertheless, Namesho says he is grateful for his upbringing and how life turned out. “Strangely enough, I take life as it comes, with a pinch of seriousness and a lot of chill. It helps me not to worry too much about yesterday, enjoy today a lot, and look forward to tomorrow.”

Growing up, Namesho little was he unaware what life may have in store after matriculation, apart from the fact that tertiary education was next after schooling. “What propelled me early into the commerce field was my Grade 8 teacher, who prophesised that my grades were way good enough for me to take up commerce than science. All I know is that, should I have opted for the science field, I would have conquered it successfully as well,” explains Namesho, adding that he landed in marketing modestly, intrigued by the art behind it. “It is also a fusion of a number of branched learning, such as psychology, numerical competence, science and stylishness. It tends to be sublime, contemporary and trendy too.”

Namesho’s drive towards success is his mentality, not seeing things as simple, nor as easy or difficult.  Early this month, he started working as a Marketing Officer at the University of Namibia (Unam) after working there as a public relations officer for years. “When I was a student at the university, one still had what you call a Bachelor of Commerce, allowing one to have a major and minor specialisation, and that’s what I did. This is because I am driven to always want to understand aspects holistically. Most of my friends pursued chartered accountancy, and I ventured into marketing,” says Namesho adding that he felt then, that there is a lot of freedom in marketing, and he still feel the same today. He did his Master’s degree in Business Administration. 

His proudest achievement is at high school writing six subjects at higher level (HIGSCE). He was also a Head Boy of the Learners Representative Council (LRC), as well as playing in school football A-team and volleyball team.

2018-09-26  Pinehas Nakaziko

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