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Hardap community libraries initiate reading programmes

2018-08-08  Pinehas Nakaziko

Hardap community libraries initiate reading programmes
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WINDHOEK - The Hardap community libraries has initiated reading outreach activities with children from crèche in the Hardap Region.

The initiative started at the Kalkrand and Mariental community libraries last month, with children programmes such as early readers and early learners. The programmes are packed with reading, storytelling and picture identification material from the mini libraries set. The libraries’ staff members deemed it fit to read to the little ones, as most of the children do not have someone to read for them at home. 

Alleta Eises from the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture in the Hardap Region says reading out loud is important as it helps the child to be exposed to reading, and hear new words.  She adds that reading out loud gives children an advantage when they start formal schooling. “If we read to the children, they also get that desire to want to read. Reading out loud to the child also develops a child’s attention span from a young age and also lays a structured foundation for schooling and education,” she says.

Eises adds that advantages of early reading are multiple as it can be neurological, educational, social and linguistic. “A child who learns to read joyfully at home has greater self-confidence and independence.” According to her, early readers have the opportunity to relate to their peers on a more confident and competent level as they are already being recognised for their superior accomplishment. Mariental Public Library uses the leap reader tool to assist learners with the correct pronunciations of the words, while stimulating listening and concentration at an early age.  The stories and games in the leap reader is interesting to the learner.  Through the use of leap reader, they can hear the words in the sentences.
“We believe that investing in reading is important for the educational development of a child and can lead to lifelong readers and lifelong learners,” says Eises.

2018-08-08  Pinehas Nakaziko

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