• July 7th, 2020

Hardap learners grateful for textbooks

WINDHOEK-Hundreds of excited learners from the Hardap region were happy for text books from Avril Payment Solutions (APS) for Grade 8 and grade 9 in the region.  

One of the learner’s representative council members expressed her gratitude for the donation of the pads on behalf of fellow learners. Three schools from the Hardap Region such as Anna Maasdorp Combined, P J Tsaitsaib Secondary and Vooruitsig Junior Secondary School benefitted from the donation. APS also donated 600 re-useable sanitary pads to the girls from grade seven to 11 from different schools. 

Kashmira Platt from the APS says with the donations, they want to plough back to the nation and thought the best place for their investment would be in education.  She mentioned that their dream is that every learner should have the correct tools to study from therefore they decided to donate books. 

“We selected mathematics and physical science books as these are the critical subjects in schools. She expressed her hope that the learners would make use of the book properly and also care for the books for the generations to come,” says Platt. 
A demonstration was held to show the girls how to use the sanitary pads. The Acting Regional Director of Education, Aletta Eises, stressed that learners should be mindful of the donations well-wishers are assisting them with urging them to use the books for their benefit and to gain good grades. She also stated that Mathematics and English performance is high on NDP 5 list; therefore the donation of English and Mathematics books rightfully answers the countries development goals.  She urged learners to start to study already and not wait for the examination. 

Learners were further advised that spaces in schools are scares therefore they should make sure to study and complete their grades without repeating.   Eises also outlined the importance of school attendance as performance and attendance goes hand in hand urging learners to be on time.The handing over ceremony was attended by schoolboard members of P J Tsaitsaib SSS and councillors of Gochas.

Pinehas Nakaziko
2019-03-06 10:52:23 | 1 years ago

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